Complete Packaging Line & Filling Line Suppliers

    CPL1Enterprise Tondelli supply complete filling line and packaging line equipment for the following industries:-

    72,000 glass bottles per hour juice filling line

    Typical packaging lines supplied in the past have included:-CPL2

    • 12,000 cans per hour soft drinks line complete with all ancillaries
    • 5,000 PET bottles per hour water filling line
    • 120 kegs per hour beer filling line
    • 700 bottle per hour polycarbonate 19 litre water cooler line
    • 36,000 returnable glass bottles per hour line complete with all ancillaries
    • 2,000 glass bottles per hour beer filling line
    • 48,000 bottles per hour cider filling line
    • 18,000 flask bottles per hour spirit filling line


    CPL3The above is just a sample of what Enterprise is capable of.

    Whatever the speed of requirement Enterprise Tondelli have a vast experience in supplying complete filling and packaging lines worldwide. These have included from Bangladesh to Scotland, UAE to Saudi Arabia, Nigeria to Jamaica, and Russia to Wales.

    Enterprise Tondelli supply turn key solutions and can supply the filling a packaging line only or the complete factory including all services.


    Our service is not limited to just supplying equipment. Enterprise Tondelli will also design the overall building layout, advise on floor and wall finishes, specify drainage in the building and give floor loadings – the list goes on for what is required for a successful plant build. We also have had much experience in liaising with the major international franchises to give a world class factory – Enterprise Tondelli not just an equipment supplier but your partner in a building  new line of new factory.