bottle-flow-spiltterEnterprise Tondelli have been working with breweries for many years and consider them as part of the core business.  The breweries have ranged in size from the International groups to craft or microbreweries. We have worked with breweries in various parts of the world and have a large experience in meeting the needs of the industry particularly with reference to such issues as cleaning and product integrity.

    Enterprise Tondelli and it’s manufacturers have supplied the following areas of the brewery:-

    • From single keg washer/filler
    • Fully automatic high speed keg racking lines up to 1,000 kegs/hr with an “inline rotary” machine
    • From single items of supply on a beer bottle filling line to complete beer bottling lines for slow, medium and high speed
    • Beer can filling lines for low, medium and high speed.
    • Automatic CIP plants
    • Flash pasteurisers
    • Steam boilers
    • Refrigeration plant
    • CO2 recovery plants
    • Ancillary process plant such as skid mounted deareated liquor plants (DAL plants) etc