Why Enterprise Tondelli?

    We are very aware that companies have a wide choice of possible suppliers and partners so we decided to let some of our customers answer why they buy from Enterprise.

    The following is just a sample to give you a flavour for what makes Enterprise different….

     “ We like the approach of Enterprise Tondelli to our projects as they come with a very objective view to get the best result for the project rather than as a sales company. We find this refreshing as it means we work together as partners in developing various options. Also for finding solutions to some of the challenges we have had – let’s give them a beer”.

    Martin Dickie Co- Founder BrewDog PLC, Scotland.

    ‘Enterprise have been meticulous in their planning during our recent line 5 expansion, overseeing all layout, conveyoring and shrinkwraping. This has ensured a smooth project.’

     W.W. Managing Director, Radnor Hills Mineral Water, Wales.

    “Enterpise have always thoroughly impressed me with their professionalism, product scope and innovation. Relative to other, sometimes bigger companies, I believe that they are leading the field in proposing multiple options and always with a real attention to detail.”

    J.T., Plant Manager, Star Soft Drinks (IBFI), Sharjah. UAE.

    ” When I ask for something to be done, I can be sure that it will be done without fail”

    J.J., Engineering Manager, Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse, Scotland.

    “Enterprise came up with a plan that accommodated all of our requirements and were also very co-operative in ensuring that all components complied where possible, without compromising the final solution. We were not disappointed!”

    P.Q., Plant Engineer., Heineken, Eire.

    “Enterprise have been exceptionally thorough and helpful when working with us at every stage of our bottling plant development. Their equipment knowledge is excellent and they have been able to meet our needs exactly. Their planning is very good too so that all of our developments have been relatively stress-free in their implementation and they have shown excellent attention to detail and honesty.”

    P.M., Managing Director, Belvoir Fruit Farms Ltd.

    “A company with unmatched professionalism and we deal with the larger leading suppliers in this market as well. They give different options to make sure the best is achieved for our projects always with unfailing attention to detail”

    P.C., Engineering Director, Aston Manor Brewery Company, Birmingham.

    “Not just another equipment supplier but a real alternative to the major OEM’s”

    Bottle and Packer magazine following an interview with Enterprise.

     “We never had any doubt that Enterprise and their partners Baumer would perform. The project was well planned and the integration of the machine into the line went flawlessly. We are very happy with the performance of the new machine. “

    K.P., Engineering Manager, J.Chandlers (Buckfast)