Food Packaging and Palletising Solutions

    Enterprise Tondelli and it’s manufacturers have completed many projects in this field. The experience gained in high speed beverage can and bottle filling lfpps1ines as well as the plethora of awkward containers to be handled as proved invaluable.

    We supply equipment for :-

    • Jams and honey
    • Pet foods
    • Vegetables
    • Baby food
    • Rice
    • Coffee
    • Milk powder packing

    Being active in the food industry we are well aware of the need for ease of cleaning and hygiene. This is why for instance we offer a packer with a stainless steel frame  for instance. Also such items as conveyors with integrated cable management system to ensure no dust traps and ease of cleaning.

    Another important factor often in the food industry is flexibility of equipment. A machine for instance may have to handle many different formats and sizes due to the varying values and popularity of the different products. An example of this is the pad type universal jar blower that can handle a huge variation in container diameters with only hand wheel adjustment.

    Projects have included:-

    • Shrinkwrapping of baby food jars at 200 trays per minute
    • Complete factory for preparation and filling of sweetened condensed milkfpps2
    • Depalletising, Multipacking, shrinkwrapping and palletising of pet food cans
    • Automatic loading and unloading of retort baskets for cooked foods
    • Capping and shrinkwrapping of jams and honey
    • Wraparound cartonning of cartons of dried baby food
    • Conveying and high speed shrink-wrapping and double tiering of cook in sauces cans/jars and potted meat pastes
    • Laning and turning of canned vegetable multipacks
    • Inspection conveyor for fresh vegetable
    • Vegetable fillers
    • Vegetable and fruit preparation plants

    Being located in the a region renowned for its experience for food machine manufacturing, Enterprise Tondelli are sure to be able to assist with your food project