Pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, detergents and chemicals

    pcdc1Enterprise Tondelli supply equipment primarily for the filling and packaging lines for the above industries. With our experienced suppliers we can supply complete lines to meet your requirements:-





    With this comes the Enterprise Tondelli attention to detail and looking outside the box philosophy to give complete solutions.


    • Enterprise Tondelli has equipment which is relevant to the above industries and with our suppliers we have supplied the following projects:-
    • Pressure sensitive labelling and servo motor orientation of shampoo bottles in the cosmetic industry
    • Mineral oil wraparound cartonning in the chemical industry
    • Accumulation conveyors for drums containing chemicals
    • Bag filling by flow meters of saline solution in thepharmaceutical field
    • Combined packers to handle laning and wraparound cartonning or shrinkwrapping of fabric conditioner
    • Tray loading and lidding of dishwasher tablets
    • Bottle filling of physiological liquid in the medical world.

    You will find that Enterprise Tondelli can meet your packaging requirements in the above industries and we look forward to meeting your requirements however difficult you may believe them to be……………..