Whether it is a complete spirit filling line or a single head stopper applicator, Enterprise Tondelli is able to supply the needs of the spirit filling industries.Due to the luxury nature of the product presentation is generally of key importance to the bottler. As such Enterprise Tondelli can supply

    For high alcohol content products Enterprise Tondelli can also supply equipment that has explosion proof motors as well.sp1
    The spirit filling industry also has it fair share of shaped containers which require special handling. Enterprise Tondelli can depalletiser flasks, single line them with a pressure less combiner and then lane them as required for final packaging. We have also handled very tall bottles with a poor base to height ration making them very unstable. Our 90 degree turner/laner packaging machines for either carton or trays has proved very useful for these applications.
    sp2Recent projects have included such diverse projects as:-

    • 18,000 bottles per hour flask spirit filling line including depalletiser, low vacuum filler, film only shrinkwrapper, continuous laner, conveyors and palletiser.
    • Single head corker for three different types of corks and stoppers
    • Three head rotary tin capsular
    • Automatic flask depalletising with pressure less combining and orienting of flasks before the filling
    • High speed wraparound cartonning or tray erecting/shrink wrapping


     So whether you require a complete spirit filling line or a single specific item, Enterprise Tondelli is on hand to help.