Mechanical still product fillers

    We supply machines to fill containers from 100 ml up to 19 litre using a variety of filling technologies. The filling system used depends on such factors as product, container type, product value and project budget. Mechanical valves broadly speaking they fall into the following categories:-

    MSPF1Gravity fillers

    The Gravity filler would typically be used for free flowing still products such as water, juices etc. A key feature of the gravity filler is the separated air return. This ensures that the air expelled from the container does not enter the filling bowl and potentially contaminate the product. Rather it  is evacuated through a separate manifold to ensure it does not come into contact with the product. Fill level is decided by the vent tube. The valve was designed in conjunction with some of the major bottled water suppliers.


    Low vacuum fillers;

    Advantages of this valve include no dripping from the valves and a greater fill level accuracy. A vacuum  systems assists with the fill rate and can be operated as a gravity filler if required. Products filled with this type of valve include juices, spirits and wines. The low vacuum valve can also be used for both hot juice filling and cold juice filling especially useful when a multi product line is planned.

    High vacuum, Piston filler and Pocket filler

    These are selected when we are filling solids and particulates such as fruit dice in suspension or fruit sacs or  high viscosity products such as tomato paste and other similar products. The principle of operations can also be used for vegetable and detergent filling as well.

    We can also include :-

    – Automatic fill height adjustment
    – Jacketed filler bowl when hot filling to ensure no temperature loss
    – Automatic divert valve so that a percentage of the product is always returned to the flash pasteuriser or infeed buffer tank to ensure product sterility
    – automatic CIP ups for hygienic cleaning

    – PET Bottle handling with a special non change part neck handling system without an infeed wormscrew.

    Some references include 18,000 bph whisky and spirit filling lines in Scotland with low vMSPF2acuum and  24,000 bph fruit juice filling lines in the UAE with gravity filling,

    The still product fillers are available as a standard filler or the unique hygienic “baseless” or upside-down filler and as a free standing unit of monobloced with the rinser and capper. If you need hygiene and efficiency then you need the “baseless filler”

    We have experience of filling many type of products ranging from water to soy sauce to edible oil so are sure to be able to meet your needs in this field.