Depalletiser equipment – depalletising

    Over the years Enterprise Tondelli and its specialist manufacturers of depalletisers have handled a very wide variety of bulk glass/container depalletising applications. These have included empty cans, bottles, bright cans, tapered jars, tapered bottles, composite cans to name a few. Enterprise supply as follows:-

    Generally depalletisers fall into two groups:-

    • DE1High level depalletisers (where the discharge table is above 1,800mm)
    • Low level depalletisers (where the discharge table is below 1,800 mm)

    The machine speed range can be from 60 bottles per minute up to 2,400 cans per minute.

    The depalletising head depends on the product to be removed from the “pallet”. Typical heads include:-

    • Sweep off type (where the product is on flat boards or inverted trays)
    • Magnetic head type (where the product is magnetic such as steel cans)
    • Inflatable tube type (where the product has been loaded into trays on pallets)
    • Scissor lift head (where the product is in a retort basket)


    Particular depalletising applications that we have supplied include:-DE2

    • High level semi automatic depalletiser for glass spirit flask jars at 300 bpm
    • Low level depalletiser for tapered glass bottles (skittle shaped) at 200 bpm
    • Multi function robot depalletiser/palletiser with a magnetic head and working with four different pallets at the same time
    • Empty PET bottle depalletising
    • High level glass depalletising at 600 bottles per minute on pallets 2,800 mm high with automatic inverted tray, flat board and wooden top frame removal system handling both Chep and Euro pallets and linked with the palletise unit to reduce pallet handling. The tall pallet for the glass reduced transport cost and reduce the carbon footprint.
    • Low level sweep off depalletiser for tapered glass jars with stabilising pins.


    Combined de and re palletisers can be supplied with a single head and table where they are used for bright can buffering for instance or on empty PET bottle feed to a filler. Additionally Enterprise supply a modern debagger for the dairy industry. The debagger incorporates the latest technology for soft handling of polybottles and has a variety of accessories for varying levels of automation.

    The depalletiser can be supplied with the associated empty product conveyor system or as part of the complete line supplied from Enterprise Tondelli. This gives an integrated project solution thus freeing the customer to concentrate on running a production facility.