A CD 80 automatic robust compact de-palletiser is the answer!

    De-palletising by hand is not as much fun as it looks. You may be finding it difficult to source labour for some of the more tedious jobs on your packaging line such as de-palletising empty containers. Enterprise Tondelli have recently launched the CD-80 de-palletiser in the UK market to solve this problem.

    Whilst the costs of a fully automatic de-palletiser with pallet conveyors and empty pallet stacker can be prohibitive the CD-80 focuses on essential tasks. Initially targeted at the craft canning market where empty can pallets are typically 2,8 metres high the units are now being manufactured for glass bottles too. Key features of this unit are the robust all stainless-steel construction, compact footprint and ease of operation.

    The entry level unit is rated at up to 6,000 cans per hour complete with automatic interlayer removal and magazine – the operator only has to remove the pallet straps and top frame and then shut the door and leave the machine to de-palletiser. Listening to our customer we realised that whilst cost was important the strength and reliability were equally so which has been achieved. The next model features a layer reception table to prevent stoppages during change over at high speeds and then the top model of the CD 80 includes gravity roller pallet conveyors.

    The units have now been adjusted for short stack glass bottle pallets too on the same simple construction model. This CD-80 can handle plastic layer boards as well as inverted trays too..

    Of course, for higher speeds Enterprise can supply high speed fully automatic de-palletiser for all your needs.

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