Enterprise Palletising Success.

    Enterprise Tondelli have recently received two interesting orders for end of line palletising.
    robot-palletiserOne contract is for the alcoholic beverage sector is for a robot palletiser. This high speed machine has a double infeed for shrink wrapped packs at 70 packs per minute. Shrink wrapped packs are picked up by a layer basket head mounted on the robot. Additionally the machine can load random bottles onto dolly’s or beverage trays on ½ pallets. The machine can handle 21,000 bottles per hour and has a special pick up head. The system is complete with high speed rotary ring stretch wrapper.

    The other project is from the bottled water industry in the UK. This particular palletiser in unusual in that it allows two independent lines running at different speeds with different products on different pallet sizes to be palletised at the same time on one machine. The machine has two layer pre-formation zones mounted above the other and also a pallet trolley. With an output of 120 layers per hour this solution save space and also significantly reduces the capital investment compared to two separate palletisers. See the video here….



    Both machines have a new system that makes the old system of contact type pack turners, row spacers and rollers obsolete. This soft handling reduces damage to packs, lowers maintenance and allows for much more flexibility for future layer patterns. Additionally the layer heads are bomb door roller basket type which ensures a more compact and tight pallet.

    The machines are due for delivery over the next few months and further reports will follow.

    These are just two examples of the full product range that Enterprise Tondelli have for end of line palletising which includes machines of up to 11 layers per minute.