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    Available Now! :- 2019 rotary counterpressure can filler/seamer

    Rated at up to 2,800 cans per hour and  is suitable for beer, (CO2 flushing for lows d.o.) soft drinks and still products. 12 mechanical filling valves with two single head seamers mounted on a common base frame. Suitable for 330 ml to 500 ml std. beverage cans with 202 can end.   A 2019 in-line can rinser is also available to suit.

    Picture of Can Filler Seamer

    The machine will be serviced before sale. The existing UK user is upgrading to a rotary flow meter can filler for 6,000 cans per hour to meet demand. To register interest send an email to

    Bottle lowerator

    This machine takes bottles from high level and lowers them to your low level equipment. The containers being handled are gripped by specially profiled rubber pads which are attached to stainless steel side drive chains.
    The chains are of the lateral deflection type so that they can be pivoted both vertically and horizontally.
    The machine consists of two guide frames holding the chains – at one end, the idlers, and at the other end the drive sprockets. Stainless steel construction.
    The idler wheels are fitted with a chain tension device in order to compensate for any chain stretch.
    The drive wheels are driven by two angular shafts through universal couplings.
    The distance between the guide frames can be easily adjusted to handle various sizes of containers. A handwheel at one point is all that is needed to make this adjustment.
    The drive unit is a variable speed geared motor. The machine frame is solidly constructed welded fabrication to give maximum strength.

    Technical Details:-

    Infeed height : 3,500 mm

    Discharge height : 1,200 mm 

    More information upon request from :