Sleeving Machinery / Heat Shrink Sleever & Stretch Sleevers

    With a greater need to distinguish your product in the market place from your sm1competitors it becomes ever more important for containers to be dressed to the greatest advantage. The Sleeving machine gives your product that extra edge with either full or partial sleeves being applied.

    Another important advantage of sleeving is the possibility of applying a tamper evident neck seal which is crucial for protecting product integrating and ultimately your brand.

    Enterprise Tondelli can supply both heat shrink sleevers and stretch sleevers for a very wide variety of applications and speeds; on both round and shaped containers:-

    • Shrink sleeving from 10,000 bph up to 60,000 bph depending on sleeve length
    • Stretch sleeving from 3,500 bph to 10,000 bph.

    Our sleeving machine manufacturer has over 30 years of experience in this specific field resulting in major benefits to users of their machines. Typical benefits include:-

    • The machines are linear resulting in a very favourable cost/output ratio even up to 60,000 bph
    • The possibility of using very thin film 38-40 micron
    • Revolutionary control by a multi blade cutting system
    • Very precise steam tunnel temperature control, multi nozzle directional steam injection control resulting in very high quality shrinking
    • Reduction in energy use due to reduction in steam loss at the inlet/outlet

    If unit costs are critical then the more economical stretch film may well be the solution for your marketing problesm2m as the PE film used is cheaper and comparable in cost to paper labels. Using film of course means the labels are water resistant and are especially useful for dairy industry applications

    Sleeving technology need not be restricted to bottles. An example of this is a new keg decoration system that applies a sleeve band to kegs for on keg promotion and also indentification of the keg. When the keg is returned empty, the sleeve band is automatically removed. A demonstration unit is on display in the manufacturing plant and is rated at over 1,000 kegs per hour. This avoids the need for PSL labels that are then very difficult to remove.

    Another innovation is a sleeve that makes multipacks of four bottles which when the pack is broken down each container retains part of the sleeve as a label thus reducing costs and retaining product labelling. This is of special interest to those companies trying to reduce packaging waste and to be seen as more environmentally aware.

    Sleeving from Enterprise can be the real alternative your are looking for – contact us with your requirements.

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