Tunnel Pasteurisers / coolers / warmers

    Tunnel pasteuriser with external heat exchangersEnterprise Tondelli supply can supply tunnels configured in a variety of ways and can be made single, dual or triple purpose. Typical applications include:-

    • Tunnel pasteurisation of beer and fruit juices
    • Tunnel holding and cooling or cooling only of hot filled products such as juices
    • Tunnel warming of cold filled products to avoid condensation on the final package
    • Flash pasteurisation dependant on the customer requirement.

    The tunnels are all stainless steel and with either raised rib mattress or walking beam if required and can be configured as either:-

    • Single deck
    • Double deck
    • Triple deck

    Top view tunnel pasteuriser - triple regenerationPasteurisation PU accuracy is critical. Enterprise Tondelli address this by taking into account a number of factors such as water tank capacity, position of heat exchangers and cross flow of water through the unit. Additionally full PU control is available.

    Another key element in the life cycle cost of the pasteuriser is the running costs. For this Enterprise Tondelli supply units with a number of solutions to save water, steam and power.

    • Low water consumption
    • Reduced cooling requirements due to regeneration system
    • Reduced steam consumption due to design of external heat exchangers

    To reduce energy and water consumption we can use either triple regeneration or using a centralised water cooling/heating circuit. Heating of the water is achieved by means of external tubular or plate type heat exchangers to give a better temperature control of the spray temperatures and reduce energy costs as the water is heated at point of delivery.

    Side view tunnel pasteuriser - double regeneration systemBoth spray pans or jetting nozzles solutions are available depending on the customer preference. Adjustment of the various times and cycles is easily managed from the touch screen panel so that the on-site presence  of a manufacturers engineer is not required.

    Tunnels from 6 square metres to 240 square metres are possible. If tunnel pasteurisation of the complete package is not required then flash pasteurisers are also available.