Shrinkwrapper and Multi pack machine

    High speed film only shrink wrap machineEnterprise Tondelli and its primary partner in this field, Baumer Spa of Bologna are at the forefront in this field. Baumer specialise in only wraparound cartonners, shrink wrapper or combined machines to handle both carton, trays and shrink film.

    Baumer shrink wrap machines are manufactured for:-

    • 20 cycles per minute to 200 cycles per minute.
    • Tray erection/loading at 120 trays per minute single lane

    The machines can operate as follows:-

    • Film only Shrinkwrapper
    • Flat board and shrink film wrapper
    • Tray and shrink film wrapper
    • Tray only
    • The latest “super” combined machine from Baumer can handle wraparound cartons, shrinkwrapped trays and also film only packs with automatic change over and no requirement to move heavy conveyors.
    The Universale range of shrink wrap machines designed for 200 cycles per minute are for 2,000 cans per minute filling lines where there is a requirement to produce film only multipacks in 4’s or 6’s. This shrink wrap machine on 4 packs will produce 600 packs per minute operating with triple lanes. Seven new patents were issued by the European patent office for this machine alone due to the unique solutions required.


    Particular features of the shrink wrap machine include :-

    • short film feed path with no tensioning rollers thus avoiding the lost end of reel problem and also reducing maintenance.
    • include servomotor machine control with a Siemens or Allan Bradley Plc and an open program architecture so no “black box technology.
    • Facility for the end user to add new programmes

    The shrink wrapper has been used for a wide variety of products and package including: soft drinks, bottled wine, water, baby food cartons, beer, wine in bricks, rice in pouches, yoghurt in pots, edible oils, mineral oils, pharmaceuticals etc.

    • a recent innovation is for tapered yoghurt pots shrinkwrapped in flat boards dramatically saving packaging and with a 6 month payback on the machine. The machine includes a special conveyor feeding and packing system for these odd shaped containers.
    • Twin lane tray shrinking at 200 trays per minute of baby food jars

    With many patented features on the shrink wrapper, we can supply machines tailored to meet your requirements:- –

    • Double tiering system
    • Automatic shrink reel change over system for pre-printed registered film without slowing down the machine at 80 cycles per minute
    • Remote modem support for diagnostics and rectification
    • Quick change over system with handwheels and motors to give a 5 minute change over
    • Special 90 degrees infeed for unstable or shaped products
    • Monobloced laning for rice pouches or baby food boxes
    • Special handling of soft containers such as edible oil
    • Film pre-cutting for easy opening
    • Shrink tunnel with air curtains

    Non stop automatic reel change over shrink wrap machineEnterprise Tondelli have supplied shrink wrap machines ranging from 20 trays per minute with shrink film to 85 cycles per minute multipack machines to super combined machines for trays, film, cartons etc.

    With a vast experience we are able to supply a shrink wrapper for most applications from very high speed to slow speed.

    Please read our case study at Aston Manor to see a triple lane multi pack shrinkwrapper