Bulk Robotic and Conventional Palletising Equipment

    With increasing pressure on the retailers to reduce their carbon footprint and waste demand is increasing for bulk palletising of products. This is also relevant for raw materials such as empty cans/bottles

    Bulk Palletising Equipment - Dolly loading of full PET packsThis can take the form of several mediums; all ultimately loaded onto a pallet:-

    • Dolly loading
    • Düsseldorf’s
    • Euro pallets and half Euro pallets
    • Chep pallets

    Enterprise Tondelli have experience of all of the above.  Depending on the line configuration, speed required, space available Enterprise Tondelli will supply either low or high level bulk palletising equipment.

    The speed range of Enterprise Tondelli is:-

    • 30 layers per hour – 660 layers per hour
    • 30 layers per hour would be a low level semi automatic machine.
    • Any speed in between which could be high or low level.
    • 60,000 bottles per hour for empty PET bottles or 2,400 empty cans per minute

    New empty glass bulk palletiserProducts that can be palletised by Enterprise at its partners include:-

    • Individual filled and labelled PET bottles
    • Empty PET bottles
    • Empty glass bottles
    • Empty cans
    • Polybottles into pallet bags

    The type of head is dependent on the product to be palletised and could be:-

    • Inflatable tubes type heads. This can be fixed or adjustable pitch.
    • Multiple individual bells for each full bottle mounted on a head
    • Rail type head for empty PET bottles
    • Magnetic head for steel cans onto a dolly, pallet or for retort loading

    Robot random can de and re palletising equipmentTypical installations have included:-

    • High level empty can palletising at 2,400 cans per minute with top frame and strapper device..
    • Robot palletising equipment with magnetic head for palletising bright cans as a buffer for a pet food can factory.
    • Individual soft drinks bottle palletiser for dolly’s, Düsseldorf’s and euro pallets complete with automatic tray make-up unit
    • Inflatable tube machine with all conveyors for a glass factory.

    Whatever your requirement Enterprise Tondelli supply the solution include the conveyor feed system if required.