Electronic still product filler

    Electronic still product filler - Magnetic flow meter filling - waterWe supply machines to fill containers from 100 ml up to 19 litre using a variety of filling technologies.

    The filling system used depends on such factors as product, container type, product value and project budget.   One way to fill is using an electronic valve

    Electronic volumetric fillers

    Using magnetic flow meters of mass flow meters as in the case of edible oil filling results in a very precise volume of product in the container reducing wastage. For conductive liquids magnetic flow meters are selected giving very precise filling volumes. This has the benefit of improving product yield and controlling costs. The valve is also self monitoring so as the closing mechanism wears the flow metre automatically compensates for this to give consistent fill volumes throughout the life of the valve. One flow meter is used per valve so that they are all independently adjustable giving greater control. Rather than an annular ring or central bowl we use a manifold which has the great benefit of increasing product yield  and reducing wastage at the end of production due to the very low quantity of product in the system.

    Electronic still product filler - Mass flow meter filling - edible oilWe can also include :-

    – Automatic fill height adjustment
    – Jacketed filler bowl when hot filling to ensure no temperature loss
    – Automatic divert valve so that a percentage of the product is always returned to the flash pasteuriser or infeed buffer tank to ensure product sterility
    – Automatic CIP ups for hygienic cleaning

    Some references include 900 bph 19 litre filling with flow meters, 22,000 bph water filling in England with flow meters and 18,000 bph edible oil filling in the Middle East with mass flow meters.