Full Carton / Can / Bottle Conveyors

    Conveying of containers requires a wide variety of conveying systems to ensure optimum efficiency and avoid fallen containers and label damage where applicable.

    We utilise the following types:-

    Stainless steel slat chains  – Generally used for glass bottles especially in harsh environments
    Plastic slat chains  – Used for glass bottles, cans, Pet and PVC bottles
    Modular or matt top chains  – Used on high speed lines where container transfer and noise levels are important.

    The conveyors are manufactured in standard length modules from single width slats to multiple width slats dependent upon application. In addition there are standard modules comprising drives, idlers, crossover boxes, flex-top bends, pressure combiners, PLC controlled pressure-less combiners etc,

    • Full bottle conveyorExposed bottles and cans have top covers
    • Drip trays are available with sockets to take slat lubricant away to the nearest suitable drain.
    • Slat lubrication systems can be fitted at extra cost.
    • Complete control systems with track switches, photo-cells etc fitted.
    • Cable management system integrated as part of the conveyor side frame
    • In the case of labelled products guide rails are designed to minimise label “scuffing.”

    And of course we supply environmentally friendly and cost effective lube free systems.

    To illustrate our abilities in 1986 we installed all the conveyors and controls for an 66,000 cans per hour fillingline and in 1983 all the conveyors and controls for a 60,000 bottles per hour glass filling line – since then we have increased our capability!

    We also have continuous motion and fixed arm type laners. These are used for flasks, square bottles, portion cartons, yoghurt pots, shaped detergent bottles or soft pack laning into conveyor or into a packer. They can also be used to merge different products to form a mixed pack of different products.

    A sub section of this area is container driers. We manufacturer:-Bottle and Can Drier

    • Under crown driers
    • Mass flow driers
    • Driers before PSL or self adhesive labelling with a guarantee 99.9% dryness

    With several hundred drying units in the field with some of the worlds major food and drink companies with speeds from 3,000 – 66,000 container per hour we can solve your drying problems.

    The conveyor systems are designed around well-proven technology and drawn from 50 years of experience in the conveying field. Conveyor speeds and accumulations are derived from formulae gained from experience in handling returnable glass, non-returnable glass, PET and cans etc.

    Specials can be manufactured after in depth design study has been carried out