Empty Carton / Can / Bottle Conveyors

    Empty Bottle Conveyors - Pressure less combiningIn this section there are several options for empty bottle/can/container conveying:-

    • Neck support air conveyor
    • Neck support positive finger conveyor
    • Vacuum bed slat conveyor
    • Slat or matt top chain conveyor
    • Wire rope conveyor

    Neck support air conveyors- Key features and benefits of our air conveyor system is:-

    • The neck guides are manufactured from machined stainless steel bar which is a material not affected by heat, indestructible and not possible to cut with a knife (as plastic neck runners are), not subject to dirt build up and easy to clean. Using stainless steel bar materials means that the joins of the neck guides uses a clever system of micro adjustment to ensure that there is a perfect transition from one set of neck guides to the next.
    • Airflow from the fans is blown onto the shoulders of the bottle rather than inside reducing the possibility for contamination. The fans can be inverter controlled or controlled by a simple fixed damper at the fan suction.
    • Easy open plastic covers on the stainless steel chamber ensure easy cleaning and higher hygiene for the empty bottle.Air conveyor with automatic side guide adjustment
    • The 90o corners are manufactured on a patented minimum radius bend that obviates the need to adjust the side guides.
    • On adjustment, Enterprise Tondelli Spa, have designed a simple quadrant adjustment that allows a 3-metre long side guide to be moved on one single adjustment. Of course fully automatic infinitely adjustable “future proof” guides are available both longitudinally and latitudinal quick change over neck support system utilising mini-motors and rack and pinion technology.

    Neck support positive finger conveyor – key features of this system include all of the above plus:-

    • Lower noise levels
    • Very positive bottle movement by means of rubber fingers especially useful for awkward bottles

    Vacuum bed conveyors

    • Typically used for containers with flat bases such as Polybottles in the dairy industry.
    • The systems ensure bottle stability at high speeds
    • Projects have included 1 litre Polybottles in the dairy industry at 22,000 bottles per hour in single file

    Empty Glass Bottle Conveyors - Pressure less combining

    Slat or matt top chain – key feature:-

    • This can be used on dual purpose lines where both glass and PET bottles are to be handled making it very versatile.
    • Used on containers where there is no neck ring and with a petaloid base
    • For instance as part of a high speed can conveyor system we would fit vacuum bridge for damaged flange rejection..

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