Crate, carton, pack, multipack and pallet conveyor systems

    Elevating carton conveyorConveying of packs requires a wide variety of conveying systems to ensure optimum efficiency and avoid pack damage.

    We utilise the following types:-

    • Crate conveyor – chains are generally manufactured in stainless iron (magnetic) / stainless steel (non-magnetic).
    • Crates, cartons and shrink-wrapped trays –  gravity, power roller, zero pressure conveyor and belt conveyors.

    The conveyors are manufactured in standard length modules from single width slats to multiple width slats dependent upon application.

    The systems are designed around well-proven technology and drawn from 50 years of experience in the conveying field. Conveyor speeds and accumulations are derived from formulae gained from experience in handling crates, cartons, shrink wrapped trays etc.

    Multipack conveyorsWith multipack handling there are often requirements to incorporate laning and turning devices:-

    • Multipack and carton laning:- this can be either with a moving arm type unit or a platen type unit. The pallet type units are programmable and therefore very flexible. This allows a single or twin infeed being split to twin lane or triple lane or quadruple lane on a continuous basis. This is especially useful when feeding 2×2 multipacks to a shrinkwrapper for final packaging with 24 bottles or cans in a tray.
    • Additionally these devices can be used for continuous combining of two separate feeds into one in the case of two slow speed lines feeding a high speed palletiser


    Turning of cartons and multipacks:-


    90 degree continuous motion pack turning. This ahs the benefit of reducing pressure into the final packer and assisting in the formation of the final pack collation- see video


    • In-line pack turning; this can either be differential slat chains or a fixed bar.



    For pallet conveyors we supply:-

    Driven roller conveyor

    • Chain conveyor
    • Gravity roller conveyors
    • Pallet transfer and pallet shuttles (Industrial AGV) units guided by:
    Shrinkwrapped pack conveyors1) Laser (LGV).
    2) Ground wire (AGV).
    3) Inertial (IGV).
    4) Rail (RGV).

    Also combined units (LGV + AGV) are available.

    One application Enterprise completed was a pallet transfer where the pallet left the factory went over a bridge and arrived in a separate warehouse!