Bottling / Canning Lines – Traditionally, accountants have added up the prices of the larger items of capital plant and what is left-over has been spent on conveyors, which, Enterprise Tondelli Spa consider generally speaking as incorrect

    To us this is false economy, because with the correct selection of the conveying medium in conjunction with speeds and accumulations, it is, without doubt, the difference between a highly efficient line, and a weak and inefficient bottling or canning line. Therefore rather than “conveyors”, Enterprise Tondelli Spa prefer to talk of conveying systems. The conveying system for every line, large or small, slow or fast, low speed high speed, are technically considered by Enterprise Tondelli as all of the other equipment on the line to ensure the best performance and return on the investment.

    Full bottle conveyorConveyor Systems – this can be broken down into three main categories with a multitude of sub divisions. The correct type of conveyor is selected for the applications as follows:-

    • Empty container Conveying Systems
    • Full Bottle / Can / container Conveying Systems
    • Crate / Carton / Pack Conveying Systems

    All conveying equipment for the food industry is manufactured predominantly from polished or de-scaled stainless steel apart from the bearings, motors, gearboxes, U.H.M.W.P. wear strips and polyamide castings.

    Neck support empty PET bottle conveyorThe units, generally, are driven and supplied with shaft mounted, inverter controlled motors or motorised fans with filters. Supporting legs are tri-pod or double bi-pod dependent upon the application and are adjustable within finite limits, with additional micro adjustment for fine leveling. Chains are available in uni-planar, bi-planar and multi-planar types in stainless, “plastics” etc, we also make extensive use of mat top chains. There is also a variety of roller topped slat chains for product accumulation. Occasionally we use belts and these are available in single ply up to multi-ply with various strengths and surface finishes both high and low friction for inner and outer faces

    An integral part of the conveyor system is the controls and we design and manufacture our control panels in-house so that we achieve the best results. This is especially important with the pressure less combiners which is PLC controlled for maximum flexibility and also with the automatic change over systems which utilise servo motors.

    Multipack conveyorLayouts are prepared in the UK and our manufacturing works in Italy to ensure accurate manufacturing for the site.

    For joined up thinking and professional  conveyor project management and interfacing contact Enterprise Tondelli and we would be pleased to show you examples of our work.