Wraparound Cartonner

    The wraparound cartonners supplied by Enterprise Tondelli are manufactured by Baumer Srl of Modena, Italy. Baumer specialise in only wraparound cartonners, shrinkwrapper or super combined machines to handle both carton, trays and shrink film.

    The flow of the bottles on Baumer wraparound cartonner is always with the carton blank entering into the bottle flow. This avoids label damage typically found when the bottles are moved into the carton. Additionally this system ensures a greater line efficiency.

    Baumer wraparound cartonners are manufactured for:-

    • 20 cartons per minute to 80 cartons per minute

    The wraparound cartonners have been used for a wide variety of products and package including: soft drinks, wine, water, baby food cartons, beer, wine in bricks, rice in pouches, yoghurt in pots, edible oils, mineral oils, pharmaceuticals etc.

    Benefits of the machine include servomotor machine control with a Siemens or Allan Bradley Plc and an open program architecture so no “black box technology.

    With many patented features on the wraparound cartonner, we can supply machines tailored to meet your requirements:

    55 ppm wraparound cartonner

    • Double tiering or double stacking system
    • If dividers are to be used the partition insertion magazines are at low level on the machine reducing operator levels and reducing staffing costs.
    • Internal flap closing with a special patented rotary device with low maintenance
    • Quick change over system with handwheels and motors to give a 5 minute change over
    • Robot partition insertion or preformed partitions
    • Inverted top tray  to have “split carton” (especially useful to give an SRP for detergents and other soft products that need a carton but easy open)
    • Special infeed for unstable of shaped products
    • Open top carton or display carton
    • Tray with inverted “U” shaped top cover board for easy display and better product protection
    • Monobloced laning for rice pouches or baby food boxes.

    The latest super combined machine from Baumer can handle wraparound cartons, shrinkwrapped trays and also film only packs with automatic change over and no requirement to move heavy conveyors.




    With a vast experience we are able to supply cartonners for most applications.

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