Bottle washer machines & container cleaners / rinsers / blowers / inverters

    Bottle Washer Machinery - Rotary rinser/blower for cans or bottles


    Due diligence in cleaning and washing of cans and bottles can be addressed from Enterprise Tondelli through a number of different technical solutions to meet your requirements.



    For one trip or non returnable (NRB) glass and cans there are several options:-

    Bottle Washer Machinery - Universal pad type rinser/blower

    • In-line gravity rinser for cans. We manufacture single, double or triple lane units. These cost effective units are located  immediately before the can filler at an angle and have no energy consumption except a pump. Multi stage treatments can be used such as water followed by steam or deionised air.
    • In-line twist rail type fixed nozzle machines. Suitable where a filling line has few container sizes and typically for glass bottles.
    • Universal pad type driven units with fixed nozzles.  Suited to applications where a great number of containers are to be used – glass jars, beverage cans, glass bottles etc. Change over is by means of a handwheels. These can also be used where “Velcorin” is used to give contact of the liquid to the head space. The treatment cycle can also be incorporated with a lowerator.
    • Rotary neck gripper type unit. Rotary container cleaners allow the jetting nozzle to travel with the container to guarantee the cleaning cycle time and effectiveness. Combi units have been made for both glass bottles and also beverage cans on the same machine. This type of cleaner is often monobloced with the filler and we can supply either free-standing units or turret mounted.  There is an option to offer a “baseless” cleaner where the unit has no base frame with a completely clear floor below the carousel thus ensuring greater hygiene.

    The above units can be coupled with various treatment processes such as:-

    • Sterile air blowing / vacuum suction
    • Rinse water jetting
    • Product rinsing for the wine and spirits industries
    • Two or three treatment sterilant jetting followed by draining

    Returnable glass bottles:-

    • Single ended bottle washers from one to six soaking tanks from 500 bottles per hour upwards
    • Double ended bottle washer up to 60,000 bottles per hour and with six soak tanks.

    Special attention has been focused on energy saving features and reduction of maintenance for the above units.


    We also manufacture plastic crate,  tray and drum washers. The trays are used typically in the fresh vegetable market but can also be found in many other industries. The tray washers are remarkably cost effective and come in several different sizes.

    Enterprise Tondelli supply for outputs from 500 containers per hour up to 72,000 container per hour