Enterprise Tondelli @ Bevexpo 2018 – 23/24th January

    Enterprise will be at Bevexpo for the first time.

    If you want to talk about Bottling, Canning, Kegging or Brewing please feel free to visit Stand 50.  If you want to guarantee our full attention please email a time when you would like to meet info@enterprisetondelli.co.uk or give our UK office a call on +44 1525 718288.

    We will be glad to highlight key feature of our process and packaging plants.

    Craig Talks – On Modular Brew Houses

    Come to the Seminar on Wednesday 24th at 10:30 to address the problem of rapid growth and limited brewhouse capacity. This can result in disruption and potential loss of sales. However the unique modular brewhouse system from Simatec of Italy presented by Enterprise you may never need to buy another brew house!  The patented modular system allows in the final configuration 13 brews per day. Expansion is in cost effective modules that can be added as the business grows and do not disrupt production or change the original brewing process by adding a holding tank for instance.