Dairy Packaging and Process Equipment.

    Enterprise Tondelli recognises that the dairy industry has its own special needs with DPPE 1cleanability and hygiene being key requirements in the area. Additionally with the fact that dairy products are often considered as staples we have also considered reduction of packaging materials as an area to focus on.

    We can supply complete liquid filling lines as well as the process plant.

    Particular machines of interest would include:-DPPE 2


    • Fully automatic debaggers
    • Empty polybottle storage and handling
    • Handle orientators
    • Hygienic fillers
    • Rotary and in-line self adhesive labellers
    • Stainless steel packaging machines
    • High speed packing of cartons
    • Flash pasteurisers and homgenisers
    • Secondary packaging for tapered yoghurt pots
    •  Hygienic conveyors


    Enterprise Tondelli and its suppliers have supplied the following projects:-

    • Debagging and vacuum bed conveyors of empty bottle polybottles at 22,000 bottles per hour with starwheel type combining.
    • Shrinkwrapping of tapered yoghurt pots with flat board and shrink film with dramatic packaging material savings
    • High speed laning and packaging of cartons in either a wraparound carton or carton with top and bottom flaps
    • Polybottle inversion and cleaning prior to filling
    • Complete sweetened condensed milk process plant and packaging line
    • Complete milk powder filling line for cans


    Enterprise Tondelli looks forward to meeting your requirements