Wrap Around Cartonner at J Chandlers (Buckfast), Andover, UK.

    Second Wrap-around Cartonner for the South West!

    Enterprise Tondelli have supplied a 25cpm continuous motion wrap-around cartonner to J Chandler and Co. (Buckfast) Ltd. – the producer of the famous Buckfast Tonic Wine.

    This renowned tonic wine is packaged by J Chandlers and produced at the Buckfast Abbey by Benedictine monks. The recipe is attributed to the original French monks who settled at Buckfast Abbey in the 1880’s. Base wines from Spain, known as mistellas, were imported and to these were added the tonic ingredients according to an old recipe. The abbey is located between Exeter and Plymouth on the fringes of Dartmoor National Park.

    The new machine at Chandlers is configured to handle both cylindrical bottles and flasks. The rationale for the project was to replace the aging and existing machine with a unit that would improve efficiencies, reduce down time, breakages and maintenance.

    Enterprise Tondelli are the agents for Baumer who are located near the northern Italian town of Modena. The specific machine supplied in this case was a Baumer model Flex 534/90. The overall design philosophy of Baumer is of course to produce an efficient cost effective machine. However, it is important to note that Baumer use a high percentage of readily available ie. ‘off the shelf’ quality commercial parts. The PLC is also commercially available being either Siemens or Allen Bradley.img_6762-crop

    The machine features a special continuous motion 90 degree soft handling infeed as an integral part. This system was designed by Baumer to simplify and overcome the difficulties and limitations of conventional pusher type systems. Not least of which is the rough handling that these conventional systems give. There are now a number of these machines operating in plants where ovaloid, square and rectangular cartons or glass containers are handled.

    The machine infeed comprises a metering section which controls the flow of bottles entering the turner and makes ‘trains’ of bottles. These ‘trains’ are then conveyed into the turning device. This specially patented assembly consists of a disk mounted at an angle with aligned sweep paddles. This effects a 90 degree change in direction of the incoming bottles. Both the metering section and the turning system are driven by servo motors.

    The cartonning machine itself is made up of a product collation section, carton loading and closing zone. The extensive use of servo motors reduces the number of chain drives and makes change-over operations quick and efficient. Also machine synchronisation problems experienced with older designs are now a thing of the past.

    The cardboard presentation system is unusual for a machine of this output whereby the carton blank is folded into an ‘L’ shape and delivered into the bottle path. Rather than the bottles being pushed into the part formed carton. This system is normally only found on higher speed machines and gives much gentler handling of the bottles. Once the bottles arrive in the folded blank the rest of the carton is formed around the bottles.

    The gluing system can be specified by the customer. However, the Baumer standard is Preo. There are a number of benefits of the Preo system. First the glue reservoir surface is un-melted and cool to the touch. This removes the potential health and safety issue of operators being burnt when topping up the glue. This also means that the oxidation / burning that would normally take place at the surface of the hot glue does not occur meaning that the glue filters do not block up with this. There is also a communication system between the gluing unit and the machine.

    The completed closed cartons exit the machine through the bottling hall fire break into the warehouse.

    As a final word Mr K Parkes, Engineering Manager for the company said “We never had any doubt that Enterprise and their partners Baumer would perform. The project was well planned and the integration of the machine into the line went flawlessly. We are very happy with the performance of the new machine. ”

    Enterprise Tondelli have supplied Baumer machinery for over 15 years. The range includes low to high speed shrinkwrapping equipment, wrap-around cartonners and special purpose food packets packing. Latest innovations include fully automatic registered film change-over and shrinkwrapping at up to 200cycles per minute.

    Other recent wrap-around cartonner sales include a 55cpm machine with Constellation Europe in Bristol. Constellation Europe are a company with a comprehensive wine portfolio much of which is packaged at Bristol.

    Enterprise Tondelli supply a complete range of bottling, canning and packaging equipment. “From single machine to complete turnkey project”.