Luscombe Drinks – New Filler & Carbonator

    Luscombe A Refreshing Company

    Luscombe Drinks are the producers of beautifully delicious soft drinks and mixers. They produce some wonderful flavour combinations, all from organic & natural ingredients with no artificial additives, sweeteners or concentrates. These are high quality beverages. The range includes fruit crushes, juices, ginger beers and tonics.

    Luscombe have been producing drinks sinc  e 1997. Although the estate has a much longer history, even being mentioned in the doomsday book. The owner Gabriel David is dedicated to producing premium tasty drinks. His moto is “It’s all about the taste.”

    The Project for Growing Demand

    With the ever increasing demand for these fine drinks Luscombe were forced to consider upgrading their aging rinser filler capper trib-loc. Luscombe approached Enterprise Tondelli as a company who could provide a solution for higher speed, accurate filling and carbonation.

    The specification set was a demanding one requiring consistent fill levels when filling the difficult highly carbonated tonic waters. Enterprise Tondelli proposed a Matrix rinser filler capper crowner quadra-bloc with cap elevator and a Matrix carbonator for operation at 12000bph. The Matrix filler has a range of technological innovations to provide consistent, efficient and trouble free operation. The machine is fitted with servo controlled pneumatically actuated filling valves which give very precise control over the pre-evacuation, gas injection, filling and snifting cycles. This along with the self levelling system is essential for obtaining consistent levels in the narrow neck area when filling tonics. Additionally the machine is fitted with a centralised motorised fill height adjustment system and ‘magic’ bottle handling star-wheels thus greatly reducing format change-over times. The machine can handle a range of glass bottles from 20cl up to 75cl with either a ROPP cap finish or crown cork.

    The carbonator is a free standing machine with a saturation column. The carbonation is controlled by a continuous CO2 monitoring system utilising a Maselli Misure instrument.

    Both machines are securely connected over the internet to the Matrix technical department for on-line support if required. The machines are equipped with colour touch screen HMI’s and Siemens PLC’s.

    The location for the new equipment was the existing filling room and required the integration of the new machines into the existing line. Enterprise devised a compact layout providing a comfortable working space for the operators and good access to the machines.

    The machine was delivered & installed to a very strict schedule. The Luscombe team pre-installed all of the mechanical and hygienic services pipework for a rapid and successful installation.


    Collaborative Results

    The owner of Luscombe Drinks Gabriel David said “We have been very pleased with the way Enterprise Tondelli took on this project and delivered the end result. Matrix design and manufacture with precision and a lot of small details. The machine is very well made and the process from the start is a model of how business should be done and delivered. I am very happy to give a recommendation here.”

    Garry Wilson, senior project manager for Enterprise Tondelli said “Working with Gabriel and his team was a smooth and rewarding experience. From start to finish I found the Luscombe staff to be capable and proactive as we worked together on achieving a successful project. This has been an interesting and satisfying project; a world class installation to be proud of.”

    Enterprise are very proud to be associated with Luscombe and continue to work in partnership with both small and large producers. Enterprise are currently busy both in the UK and worldwide with projects for all sectors of the beverage industry. Including beers, ciders, spirits, waters, juices and soft drinks. From Morpeth to Maputo!

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