Who can? – BAD Co. can! – New Canning Line

    Bad Co Wild GravityCan De-palletiserWho’s BAD Co.!

    BAD Company who were set up in 2014 in Dishforth, Yorkshire recently installed a new state of the art canning facility for packaging their own beers as well as contract canning in the region. BAD beers include award winning beers such as Wild Gravity, Whiter Shade of Pale and Comfortably Numb along with Summer Breeze. All available from their online shop

    BAD wanted to ensure that the canning facility they would purchase would be not only efficient but also give the quality of canning associated with a much larger high speed canning line. This was especially important as their products have been launched nationwide in some of the multiple retailers/supermarkets focusing on craft beers. To achieve this a complete project from Enterprise Tondelli was selected for the can filler/seamer along with the canning line ancillaries including all conveyors.

    Canning Equipment

    The can line starts with a high level all stainless steel can de-palletiser that can handle both short and tall stacks of cans for cost saving on bulk can transport costs. This feeds to a gravity can rinser with two channel for future can sizes such as 440 ml or 500ml and using the same design as high speed lines. Additionally an ecologically minded water conservation tank and filtration system was installed.

    The line was cleverly designed by Enterprise to allow integration of an existing bottling line already supplied from Enterprise Tondelli to maximise labour utilisation with easy access. The addition of a new BRB Globus Mega ADE rotary bottle labeller means that it can be used for can as well as bottle labelling. With the minimum print run of cans being around 50,000 and with an economic cut off point of around 150,000 this will allow short runs to be carried out for specialist beers or local craft breweries entering the can market but seeking quality production. The labeller can run either wraparound body labels or body and back label for maximum versatility

    In phase 2 it will be possible to run the two packaging facilities independently but without moving any of the equipment installed in phase 1 allowing sustainable and modular growth for the future.

    What Did They Say?

    Paul Holden-Ridgway, Head Brewer at BAD Company said: “We have several projects with Enterprise Tondelli and their customer focus on trying to achieve the best flexible solution, means that we have a plant that should be future proof. We worked together with Enterprise Tondelli to get a number of solutions for our projects and are very proud of the result. Also Enterprise view the budget as if it was their own money which was very refreshing. We’ll be back”

    Can Filler SeamerThe can filler is a rotary design which gives superior control of the filling environment. Cans enter the machine and the filling valves lowers to seal the can. This is followed by flushing the can with CO2  to remove any air that will oxidise the beer.  To reduce foaming or fobbing of the product and oxygen pick up, the can is pressurised again with CO2 and then filled with product. Once the product reaches the fill level the valve closes and the can is depressurised in a controlled manner to reduce product loss. A single head can seamer (manufactured by a specialist can seamer company for best results) is monobloced with the can filler. This includes under cover gassing to control oxygen pick up. These procedures preserve the product integrity, flavour and increase shelf life. Total in package oxygen was measured as less than 20 parts per billion during the production.

    Owain Schofield, BAD packaging Manager commented “ Enterprise Tondelli undersold and over supplied and we have been very pleased with the technical results of the line. We bought an Anton Parr for measuring O2 so we can get an accurate test of TIPO. This will prove invaluable for validating our own products as well as our contract customers. It also means we can verify Enterprise Tondelli and their partners performance – top marks.!”

    Awesome Innovation

    Can labelingAs they plan to contract can BAD have a number of can seaming heads to meet customer needs such as 360 end etc which makes for a comfortable experience drinking direct from the can. Additional beer reception tanks and conditioning vessels have been added to allow a full service to would be contract canning or bottling customers.

    To further enhance the quality of canning an automatic level inspector/rejector from Enterprise was located after the seamer discharge. This ensures that all cans are checked for the fill level and then any cans out of specification are rejected. Only after the cans have been inspected do they travel to the can inverter and then drier tunnel before receiving an ink jet code guaranteeing the quality of production.

    Can Twist RinserCarbonation of the beer is done by a skid mounted bespoke unit from Enterprise that uses magnetic flow meter for the beer and mass flow meters to accurately dose the CO2 or N2. This is then followed by a serpentine pipework to ensure even mixing and then fed to a stabilisation tank. The assembly is mounted on a stainless steel skid complete with a control panel and flow plate to allow beer to be fed to bottling, canning or kegging as required.  Additionally a nitrogenation facility is available.

    Secondary packaging is with trays and a shrink wrapper to manual palletising station.

    The full range of BAD beers are available in both cans and bottles from a wide variety of outlets – visit www.wearebad.co for their on-line shop or full list of outlets.

    Word From the Supplier

    Craig Wilson, Managing Director of Enterprise Tondelli UK explained “the project was challenging due to the space allowed and also the versatility that was required. However with the dedication of the customer’s team and Enterprise project designers the final result meets all the project targets.”

    Enterprise Tondelli believe that just because the beer is craft, it should still receive the same or better care and attention as high speed canning. We supply an entry level 8 head can filler with a single head seamer rated at 3,500 cans per hour x 33 cl featuring static can and moving valve technologies up to 80,000 cans per hour with flow meter technology.

    Enterprise Tondelli can supply just the can filler/seamer or a complete canning line. We also supply bottle filling lines and keg filling lines too along with brew houses …..Bottle Filling

    So who can? BAD Co. can!

    Further details and case studies of other canning lines, bottling, kegging and brewery installations can be found at www.enterprisetondelli.co.uk or call 0044 1525 718288.