Camerons – The North East Brewers – New Canning Facility

    Camerons Brewery Established on Innovation.

    Located in Hartlepool in the North East of England, Camerons Brewery is the 9th largest brewery in the UK with a capacity of over 1 million hectolitre per year.

    Established in 1865 they have over 150 years of brewing and packaging experience with heritage brands such as StrongArm and Hopper. Now accompanied by the Anchor range of beers and the iconic Motorhead. Recently, Tooth and Claw, a small batch craft produced range of beers have been launched and are brewed in the re-developed craft brewery. Recent years have also seen an expansion of their ‘Head of Steam’ pubs around the UK with many more new outlets planned for the future.

    As well as their own range of products they also contract brew and package. They have many large international groups as part of their customer base. With the growth of their contract brewing and bottling facility the decision was taken to invest in a flexible canning facility to complete the offering.

    Camerons Deliver On Demand

    They were aware that customers have several options such as, mobile canning units or in-line canning operations but wanted to offer a fixed canning plant with all the quality and security benefits of working with a larger regional brewer accredited to ISO and BRC.

    It was only a few years ago in 2015  that Camerons Brewery invested in a state of the art flexible bottling line from Enterprise Tondelli which has been a runaway success. The new can line was also engineered and supplied by Enterprise Tondelli. Key features of the line were

    –        Very compact due to space constraints

    –        Reduced labour costs to be competitive

    –        Very low oxygen pick up for shelf life and flavour quality

    –        Flexibility for short runs with labelling options

    Located in the Tooth and Claw craft brewery adjacent to the main brewery complex.  Camerons are offering a very flexible canning line for both their own products, such as Motorhead Road Crew, an American Pale ale and Overkill, a 4.7% Pilsner. Due to the flexible nature of the line, Camerons are able to small batch products such as Indian Spiced Mango Sour and other new products can be added quickly and efficiently.

    Enterprise Tondelli Canning Line – The Solution.

    The Enterprise line starts with a fully automatic high level can depalletiser. The very compact unit manufactured in Italy by Eurosistemi features pallet lift with automatic layer removal into a space saving vertical magazine followed by auto sweep off. The machine is robustly built, can be hosed down as it is not constructed in mild steel. The de-palletiser was supplied complete with a modem for any on-line support required. A standard gravity can rinser with low pressure sensor ensures the cans are clean before filling.

    Rotary can filling offers superior oxygen control to in-line fillers and the 12 head rotary unit achieves pick up between 15-20 ppb on initial runs. The solution is CO2 gassing on the can infeed worm-screw, followed by CO2 flow as the can is lifted and then purging with the can sealed on the valve. The CO2 feed at this stage is from a separate fresh CO2 manifold, not from the bowl, to reduce contamination and pick up. Once the can is counter-pressured, filling commences. The base frame of the machine is stainless steel and the simple mechanical valve ensures reliability with ease of maintenance.

    Seaming of the can is with seaming chucks controlled by a mechanical cam which is driven by an inverter controlled motor for flexibility and reliability. Any seamer using pneumatic controls were not considered due to the problems that can be encountered. The seaming chucks are made by a specialist company with over 55 years of seaming experience in Parma, Italy..

    Post filling there is a low pressure high volume can drier to remove any excess liquid. An in-line can labeller was sourced locally which allows short runs to be handled. Also where the quantity does not justify a full decorated can run of 75,000 cans. This will be ideal for high value one off runs of special editions.

    Can coding is carried out on the base and can inversion re-inversion is carried out through split case twist boxes. Currently packing is into tray and film or cartons.

    Project Team Delivers a Great Result.

    Mr. Chris Deakin, Brewing Operations  Director at Camerons Brewery said “we are very pleased with the final result of the canning line from Enterprise who worked very closely with our own engineering department to achieve a great result. We look forward to welcoming new potential canning customers to our site using the new viewing gallery we are installing adjacent to the can line. We anticipate working together with Enterprise on future projects”.

    Craig Wilson, Managing Director at Enterprise Tondelli UK commented  “we appreciate the collaboration of Camerons Brewery and look forwards to continuing collaboration”.

    Enterprise Tondelli supplying from single machine to complete bottling and canning line. Canning and bottling lines from 1,500 containers per hour to 80,000 cph! Further details and case studies of other canning lines, bottling, kegging and brewery installations can be found at or call 0044 1525 718288.

    Visit Camerons on-line shop at where they have their full range of beers available for on line ordering. For further information on the new canning line or for contract brewing or bottling enquiries please email