Independent UK brewer Camerons Brewery based in Hartlepool, has recently invested in a purpose built state of the art beer bottling line from Enterprise Tondelli.

    The Hartlepool brewer, which celebrates it’s 150 years of operation are already very significant players in the contract brewing and kegging market and wanted to be able to offer their customers even greater choice of packaging.

    Camerons, who produce for 4 of the world’s top ten brewers, believe the investment now provides them with a complete vertically integrated brewing and packaging solution which is aligned to the growing market demand for a reliable, high quality and cost effective contract brewing and packer.

    The bottling line investment clearly signals Camerons’ long term intent to remain a major force within the UK contract brewing and packaging arena.

    Camerons Managing Director, Chris Soley said “Customers keep telling us that we make some of the most consistent quality beer in the world brewed to the most exacting standards. Therefore to now be able, to provide them with this quality in a PET or glass format is great news for them and will take cost out of their supply chains”


    Enterprise Tondelli Srl who are a systems integrator designed, supplied and installed the 10,000 bottles per hour packaging line for  Camerons. Mr. Chris Soley – Camerons Managing Director said:- “We had never worked with Enterprise before but were very pleased with their flexibility and patience in developing our plans with us to get the optimum results. We wanted a line that was both very flexible but also with rationalised labour and future proof as well. The project was delivered on time and on budget. Their level of professionalism means we will certainly consider them for future projects and look forward to working together again.”

    There were a number of key parameters that were developed by Enterprise Tondelli for the line design. These included such items as a depalletiser suitable of handling pallets over 2 metres high and allowing space for future bottle and packaging options.

    Beer, imported by tanker or brewed on site, can be packaged initially into glass bottles ranging from 275ml to 660ml. The line is configured to handle crown corks on both glass and PET containers. Space was also allowed for future closing options as well as wet glue labelling and various types of multipacking.

    Camerons will be one of only a handful of breweries to be able to provide a PET solution for the growing outdoor market which centres around music festivals and country shows.

    Controlling operating cost is also a key component in the realisation of the line. The design features one operator in an easily accessible workspace for the filler and labeller along with one operator for the packaging equipment to optimise staffing levels. Space has been allowed for future automation of the palletising operation.
    brb-self-adhesive-labeller-c6120Bottles are pre-labelled prior to filling to avoid problems of condensation. In order to have maximum flexibility on the labelling the unit selected was from BRB Globus an Italian manufacturer located in Mantova. The model has three self-adhesive label stations and servo motor controlled bottle platforms. This ensures that new labels can be added easily. It also means that full control of the label rotation is possible so that wraparound labels on the body can be handled without cam changes. Enterprise recently installed a similar labeller at another beer contract packer where they have over 60 different labels being handled.

    matrixrinserfillercrowner-c6120Particular attention was paid to the filler. Matrix Srl manufactured the rinser/filler/crowner which has a central filler bowl to reduce product losses at the end of the run and also giving better hygiene opportunities. The filler is housed in a hygienic enclosure with laminar flow and HEPA filtration to give an overpressure. Care was taken for the height of the unit as Camerons have fitted hygienic floor, wall and ceiling finishes to give a world class environment. Filling technology is with electro pneumatic control so that the snifting and all controls can be adjusted centrally for the wide variety of products to be filled. The absence of a spreader rubber on the vent tube reduces foaming and a stainless steel swirl type spreader is used that does not need adjusting. The fill levels are all adjustable from the control panel so there is no need for a wide selection of tubes and this reduces the possibility for contamination. Double pre evacuation ensures low oxygen pick up.  For difficult fill positions in long necked bottles an auto levelling feature is option. Quick change over bottle handling parts complete the flexibility of the machine with adjustable star wheel pockets mean that only the wormscrew requires changing and some clip on outer guides.
    bottle-drier-c6120A twin chamber drying tunnel with high volume low pressure fans ensures that all shower water is removed prior to packaging. The tunnels were developed by Eurosistemi Srl and are especially useful in drying of bottles prior to self-adhesive labelling. They can also be configured to warm glass bottles prior to labelling to assist with adhesion. The conveyor system featuring pressureless combiners and stainless steel top covers were also manufactured by Eurosistemi.

    baumer-wraparound-carton-c6120Secondary packaging is carried out by a Baumer wraparound cartonner and tray erector. The straight through bottle flow reduces bottle/label scuffing and gives a very efficient machine. The use of wraparound cartons also saves significantly in cardboard costs as well as helping the environment as there is less waste. Being able to produce trays on the same machine is very handy as it saves space. Quick change over hand wheels ensures a repeatable and easy size change. It also means that new formats can be added quickly and easily on site. Packs then travel to the palletising station or to a shrink wrapper unit where a stretch wrapper is located.

    Enterprise Tondelli UK Managing Director Craig Wilson stated “It has been a real pleasure working with Camerons Brewery. The “can do” approach of the staff at Camerons was very important in the success of the project and we look forward to their continuing success. “

    Enterprise Tondelli supply from single machines to complete turnkey projects for the beverage industry. Projects include high speed shrink-wrapping to complete craft breweries to high speed bottling and canning lines to complete beverage factories.  Working in the beverage field for over 35 years they have executed projects in 44 different counties around the world.
    For contract brewing enquiries please email or visit their website