Canning Line – Superior Can Filling and Handling

    Why use a canning line for beer?

    The benefits of a canning line are:

    Canning line at BrewdogImproved beer quality due to the fact cans are impervious to light which can affect the flavour of bottled beer.

    • Guaranteed product integrity with reduced possibility of oxidation due to double seaming of the can end. This is unlike an improperly sealed crown or twist off crowns that can let air in.

    • Canned products are convenient for recreational trips, they are tough and easily crushed to save space once empty.

    • A variety of can ends means a better drinking experience and no need for a bottle opener!. The 360 can end turns a can into a handy cup.

    • From a health and safety view point, there is an increasing awareness of the hazards of glass in livelier venues.

    • Canned beer also weighs 30% less increasing a vehicle payload meaning fewer trips and reducing a company’s carbon footprint. And they stack too!

    Why choose a canning line and machinery from us?

    Automatic Can Filling and SeamingEnterprise Tondelli believe that just because the beer is craft, it should still receive the same or better care and attention than the contract packers offer. On this basis, it is essential to have a fully sealed can when CO2 purging and filling. So we offer the full range of canning machinery to meet YOUR needs.

    Our can fillers are always of a rotary design which gives superior control of the filling environment. Cans enter the machine and the filling valves lowers to seal the can. This is followed by flushing the can with CO2  to remove any air that will oxidise the beer.  To reduce foaming or fobbing of the product and oxygen pick up, the can is pressurised again with CO2 and then filled with your product. Once the product reaches the fill level the valve closes and the can is depressurised in a controlled manner to reduce product loss. A single or multiple head can seamer (manufactured by a specialist can seamer company for best results) is monobloced with the can filler. This includes under cover gassing to control oxygen pick up. These procedures preserve the product integrity, flavour and increase shelf life.

    The entry level craft filler / seamer that Enterprise supply is an 8 head can filler with a single head seamer rated at 3,500 cans per hour x 33 cl featuring static can and moving valve technology.

    Canning line - High Level Can De-palletiserOther Equipment Required?

    Normally the cans delivered from the manufacturer are on pallets that are very tall. To solve this issue Enterprise Tondelli supply a bulk can depalletiser to suit, along with the gravity can rinser for can cleaning. Cleaning of cans can be with water, ionised air or a combination of both. Tunnel Can warmer / pasteuriser, level detection and packing form part of the line too.

    To  overcome the challenge of minimum can print runs, Enterprise can also supply a rotary can labeller or sleever to avoid high stock levels of branded cans and just use a bright can that is then dressed with a label.


    You can see some of our canning equipment in action on our case studies page. You may have heard about our canning line at the Brewdog Factory in Ellon  read the case study here……

    The speed for our equipment ranges are as follows:-

    Canning line - Can filler seamer

    –       1,500 cans per hour

    –       3,000 cans per hour

    –       6,000 cans per hour

    –       9,000 cans per hour

    –       12,000 cans per hour

    –       15,000 cans per hour

    –       Up to 60,000 cans per hour

    Enterprise Tondelli can supply just the can filler/seamer or a complete canning line. We also supply bottle and keg filling lines too along with brew houses …..