About us

    Established in 1977, we have been supplying the beverage and packaging industries with equipment to meet the expansion and marketing requirements of our customer. Our founders already have many years experiance in the beverage field working for a major machinery manufacturer and an international franchise company thus giving an insight from both the manufacturer and customers viewpoint.

    Our market sinces includes the UK and also the International market where we have worked successfully in a wide variety of countries. See the locations of our customers .

    We currently have two regional offices, one based in the UK and the other in Italy.  The UK office give technical sales and support to the UK and international customers. Head office in Italy is responsible for monitoring the manufacturing works and the commercial aspects. Both have responsibility to provide key after sales service. Having a head office in Italy also allows very regular contact between Enterprise and its core manufacturing  works.  Daily checks can be made at key times during the fabrication and assembling of equipment to ensure that it means the agreed specification. It also means that a direct assisted and speedy spare parts service is given.

    Our staff are time served specialists in this field with many years of experience which is available to customer to provide a proactive service. An important area of the company is the consultancy division which influences the whole of the business and the way that we deal with customers – not just salesman but real working project partners to achieve the best results

    An important factor for the company is customer retention. This is only possible if a real a service is given in all areas of the business. This benefits the customer so that they do not need to “educate” the supplier in their ways and ideas. We can add real value to projects rather than just being another bottling machinery supplier. We have loyal customers of 25 years, this long term relationship benefits the customer as we have intimate knowledge of their site and requirments. A very low staff turnover ensures that we maintain this philosophy.

    These policies have been key to the success of the business and maintaining its position in the market.