Microbrewery Equipment

    Enterprise Tondelli supply microbrewery equipment, suitable for open breweries where your customers can see a clean and aesthetically pleasing installation. We are working with independent, craft brewers and brewpubs to increase their beer production and efficiency. We offer a variety of equipment from mash tun to conditioning vessels and a technical consultation to determine your requirements. The two barrel show case brewpub can be skid mounted for easy integration and these modular plants are easily upgraded. We can also integrate equipment into existing breweries and provide accurate CAD drawings for visualisation.

    Benefits of our innovative Microbrewery equipment:

    • Greatly reduced O2 pick-up during whirl-pooling gives better flavour and increases shelf life
    • Up to 15% better utilisation on barley usage due to lauter tun operation saves you money
    • Shorter batch production & cleaning time due to quicker wort filtration allowing greater utilisation or reduced operating costs
    • Complete service including recipe tests at our manufacturers brewery – allows quicker start up.
    • Gentle wort handling using progressive cavity pump (‘Mono type’)
    • Capability to produce ‘special beers’ with high proportion of fruit & nuts – allows creative marketing
    • Very compact – ideal for brewpubs and small areas saving real estate costs
    • Supermarket audit friendly due to aesthetics – easier to market due to show piece style of build
    • Greatly reduced chemical cleaning system saves running costs and gives greener credentials

    Key Equipment

    Copper finished microbrewery

    • Modular systems for up to 122 barrel production
    • Control manually, semi automatic or fully automated with PLC control and touch screens.
    • Hygienic tubular heat exchangers.
    • Pilot brewery plant for 30 litre production utilising a skid mounted 2 vessel system.
    • Un-pressurised fermentation vessels 2 , 4 , 8 , 15 & 30 barrel capacity
    • Combined fermentation/conditioning tanks 2 , 4 , 8 , 15 & 30 barrel capacity
    • Horizontal pressurised conditioning tanks 2 , 4 , 8 , 15 & 30 barrel capacity
    • Flat bottom or conical tanks.
    • Wooden panel, copper of stainless steel clad vessels for showcase micro breweries.
    • Filtration equipment
    • Water (liquor) treatment equipment and DAL plants.

    We can supply equipment from 1.5 barrel (2.5HL), 3.6 barrel (6HL), 7.2 barrel (12HL) or 15 barrel (24HL) manual/automatic production through to a modular automated plant giving 30 barrel (50HL), 60 barrel (100HL), 90 barrel (150HL) or 120 barrel (200HL) output. From single vessels to turnkey plants.

    Why not investigate a small beer bottling line from 1,000 bottles per hour? Or read the case study for Knops beer company

    3D View of 12hl micro brewery