m1Multipacking and variety packs are seen by many marketing personnel as a way of increasing sales of a product into the marketplace. To meet this requirement in the can and bottle market Enterprise Tondelli has a variety of equipment and systems to meet this need.

    They fall into the following broad categories defined as follows:-

    Kraft board type sleeve multipackers

    • This type of multipack would typically produce 1×2, 1×3, 1×4, 2×2,2×3, 2×4 and 2×5 packs although this is not definitive
    • Speeds would be from 80 to 120 packs per minute
    • Bottle necks could be through the board or enclosed.

    Film only multipackersm2

    • Packs able to be produced are from 1×2 upwards
    • Machine outputs can be from 20 packs to 400 packs per minute as required for instance on a 2,000 cans per minute beverage filling line
    • For very high speed an automatic pre-printed reel change over system is available with the machine continuing to run at 80 cycles per minute before returning to 200 cycles per minute

    Microflute cartons

    • Generally used for the larger multipacks such as 3×4 or 6×4
    • Machines from 20 to 80 cartons per minute

    m3Often marketing requires to produce a mixed pack giving the customer for instance several flavours or variations of the same product in one pack.

    • A project for Mackle Pet Foods for instance meant making combining three or four different flavours of canned pet food into the same shrinkwrapped 6, 8 or 12 variety pack. A robot depalletiser and special laning system was supplied along with all the conveyors to meet this need along with a film only multipacker shrinkwrapper. The multipacks produced were then automatically laned, orientated and packed into a tray with film.
    • Multipacks often need special laning and turning systems after being produced and Enterprise Tondelli have a wealth of experience in this field along with the required conveyors
    • Another solution is a multiple star wheel system that also can combine different products into the same pack.

    As turn key suppliers Enterprise Tondelli will design and supply a system to meet your needs.