Carbonated product fillers

    Level fillersCPF1

    The conventional level filling valve is a mechanical valve consisting of the usual filling cycle ie counter pressure, filling followed by snifting which can be into an enclosed manifold. For beer filling the cycle is modified to give double pre-evacuation with do pick up of les than 50 parts per billion during the filling process. The fillers are equipped with either an annular ring bowl or a central bowl depending on the valve type chosen and allowable product loss at the end of production. With this system we can  also have:-

    – Automatic CIP cups

    – Automatic adjustment of fill level height on a level filler

    Electro pneumatic level filling valves for carbonated products


    This has the advantage and benefit from many less moving parts and much simplified and reduced maintenance requirements. This results in higher productivity and lower running costs all achieving better total cost of ownership. This is used with glass bottles where a consistent level in the bottle is required on the shelf. An important benefit of this valves is the ability to vary the snifting so that it can be long and continuous or multiple very short bursts depending on the product – this is also centrally adjustable from the control panel. With this system we can  also have:-

    – Automatic CIP cups

    – Automatic adjustment of fill level height on a level filler

    Electronic filling valve

    Enterprise Tondelli supply variations on this depending on the product to be handled and the accuracy required. One is a volumetric flow meter where the valve is calculating the exact volume in the bottle. This has the benefit of improving product yield and controlling costs. The valve is also self monitoring so as the closing mechanism wears the flow metre automatically compensates for this to give consistent fill volumes throughout the life of the valve. One flow meter is used per valve so that they are all independently adjustable giving greater control.

    The alternative is an electronic level filler which uses a probe to check the fill level in the bottle and then closes the valve accordingly. This is typically used on beer filling into glass bottles.

    The fillers are available as a standard filler monobloced with bottle cleaner and capper or the unique hygienic “baseless” or upside-down filler . If you need hygiene and efficiency then you need “baseless”.

    Fillers from 12 to 140 valves have been supplied by Enterprise over the last 30 years so whatever your product Enterprise Tondelli can suggest the correct filling system to meet your needs.