Cartonning Machinery Options

    The field of cartonning equipment is divided into two areas and Enterprise Tondelli are able to supply both options.

    There are two possibilities for what has been called boxing.

    Wrap around CartonningThe first option is a wraparound cartonner. These are single integrated machines that run from 900 cartoons per hour up to a limit of around 4,800 cartons per hour. Our supplier for this type of equipment is at the forefront of this technology with many machines in production for the medium to high speed applications. Considerations which would affect this choice for this type of package are , longer production runs, price sensitive product, high line efficiency required and also reduction in materials. It is possible to have a carton consisting of two trays with shrinkfilm or one tray plus a carton top cover to give an SRP or shelf ready packaging. This cartonning machine can be combined with a tray erector loading shrinkwrapper to give a very versatile space saving combined packaging machine suitable for many types of

    The second option is an “American” type carton or carton with top and bottom Pick and place cartonningflaps depending on your background. These are a more traditional carton and can consist of three machines to achieve the desired result. A number of elements would dictate the use of this type of cartonning machine such as:- shorter run lines, point of sale display, higher value products and traditional appeal required. Enterprise Tondelli can supply units from 450 cartons per hour up to 4,000 cartons per hour. Monobloc erector/loader/sealer cartonning machines are available too.

    We are very aware of the requirement for reducing packaging waste and our suppliers have some innovative ideas for this such as the “virtual carton” (tray with “U” shaped top cover) or two trays (one top one bottom) plus film.Baumer Wrap Around Cartonner

    Enterprise Tondelli supply both types of machines as single units or as part of complete filling and packaging lines. For your specific requirements please do no hesitate to contact us.